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Unsere Vorsorgeanalyse zeigt Ihnen allfällige Vorsorgelücken bei Invalidität oder Tod und beantwortet die Frage, wie Sie diese mit konkreten Massnahmen schliessen können. Diese Massnahmen werden auf Ihre persönliche und familiäre Situation abgestimmt.

Ebenso weist die Vorsorgeanalyse auf eine allfällige Überversicherung hin und zeigt Ihnen Prämiensparpotenziale auf.

Wealth Planning

We provide you with a complete overview of your financial situation and, on this basis, discuss with you the systematic planning of your assets from various perspectives, including financial and estate planning. With the prepared financial plan, you get an overview of your current economic situation and its future development. so that you can realize your life goals, we help you to set the right soft ones today.

Real Estate

So that we can sell your property efficiently, we will record all the key data on your property at the first inspection and discussion. In order to calculate the value and market price of your property, we carry out a free valuation so that we can jointly define the selling price. we consider it important to offer your property at market value, because it guarantees the best sales proceeds and avoids unrealistic expectations which cannot be fulfilled by a long market presence and possible price correction. knowing that these issues are important, but much more important is the right partner on your side. we at P.F. are in contact with the contacts of banks and insurance companies.

In addition, we are familiar with their negotiating leeway with regard to conditions and internal decision-making processes regarding mortgage release. We have a lot of experience in the negotiation process. use the time you would spend on correspondence, offer comparisons and negotiations for other things.


Professional tax consulting is characterised by consistent and long-term planning. we analyse your current situation and define your objectives together with you - for sustainable cost optimisation. we represent you in all tax matters before the relevant authorities and offices. as an interface between you and the insurers, we also take care of all insurance-related issues and complete your tax return in accordance with the current legal provisions.

Financial Optimisation

Pegasos Finance has an up-to-date overview of all financial instruments. Using state-of-the-art analysis tools, we develop a tailor-made structure for your personal financial budget. We support you in the preparation of the necessary documentation and accompany you through to successful asset accumulation. this gives you more time for your leisure time, which strengthens the independence of your financial budget in the long term and secures your assets. and that alone counts.





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Only those who trust their visions can change reality. because visions are what get us ahead. It is visions that give us a real competitive edge and open up new perspectives.

Every single one of our employees is an important part of the whole. that's why we attach great importance to respectful cooperation, because those who feel good and are valued also do a good job.

Sound specialist knowledge, which we always keep up to date, as well as trusting dealings and direct communication with our customers, create potential added value for everyone involved and make us a large team that pulls in the same direction.

This is how visions, added value and motivation develop into long-term partnerships with lucrative win-win situations.


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